1.3mm R802 + 1.0mm R803 HVLP Air Spray Gun Set Water Based Airbrush Pneumatic Tool

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• Aluminum forged gun body with precise machined air cap set.
• Stainless steel needle and nozzle accommodate a variety of coating.
• Even better surface quality for spotless finish.
• Ensure excellent painting results.
• Great for Automobile finish painting.

Parameters :

Model: R802


Type:HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)

Type of Feed: Gravity

Standard Nozzle: Φ1.3mm

Operating Pressure: 2.0bar

Pattern Width: 180-260mm

Air Consumption: 4.1-4.5cfm

Paint Capacity: 500cc

Model No:R803

Type of Feed:Gravity

Standard Nozzle:φ1.0mm

Operating Pressure:2.0bar

Pattern Width:130-180mm

Air Consumption:2.8-4.6cfm

Paint Capacity:100cc