RONGPENG R450 Spray Tool Better Control Sprayer Machine High Pressure 3300PSI Airless Paint Sprayer For Wall

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1. Electric micro switch pressure control        
2. Piston Pump with long-life packing design 
3. low noise motor, smart body construction.           
4. Heavy-duty metal construction                                                       

 Features/ benefits:
·    Ideal pump for regular paint, PU paint, UV special paint, etc.
·    With suction feed spray gun for high efficient painting work.
·    Being capable of printing ink cycling supple.
·    Lightweight,easy-operating.
·    Suitable for all kinds of corrodibility liquid, with grains highly viscous, volatile and inflammable, explosive, liquids, and ceramic glaze venomacer the syrup, pulp, the oil tanker for recycling.

Model No: R450
Voltage frequency:220V/50HZ
Motor power:1.2HP
Standard nozzle size:517
Max flow rate:2.2lpm
Length of high-pressure hose:15m
Max pressure for the hose:83Mpa
Net weight:15.5kg
Output connection:1/4-18npsm
Max spray tip:0.021"