Coil Roofing Nailer RONGPENG CN45N 360° Exhaust High Strength Resistant Stapler Guns For Roofs and Roofing

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• Nail head and drive pin have be heat treated by Ipsen which import from Germany;
• One piece drive pin working life is more 0.3 millions times.
• Can be bump fire and sequential fire;
• Jamed nail rate at about 0.03%;
• Aircraft grade bumper,resistant to wearing.
• TPE handle sheath,not easy to frost crack;
• High strength alum alloy die casting body;
• 360° exhaust cap;
• High strength plastic magazine,stand wear and tear;
• Tool free precise adjustable depth of drive;
• Safety nose will be shot under twice the weight of the gun body, for
safety of operation;

For all your roofing applications,for both new roofs and roofing.